Jul 6, 2023


Business leader: An end to majority rule in Ohio? Issue 1 an unprecedented affront to democracy

Recently, I joined with more than 40 distinguished Ohio business and civic leaders in an open letter condemning Issue 1, the constitutional amendment proposal on the ballot on August 8 that would require a 60 percent vote for passage of future amendments instead of the simple 50-plus one majority that has been in place for more a century in our state.

Jun 30, 2023


Letter: August Issue 1: politically driven, ethically challenging

This August special election, promoted by reneging Republicans, has little to do with the November election. Ohio voters have gotten it right for over 100 years. Ask yourself, “Why are Republicans strategizing word usage, tactics and processes for influencing support, if the public genuinely desired this action?” This isn’t authentic protection, but rather, coercive if not deceitful. If not, why try to make Ohio the toughest state for citizens, not legislators, to modify their own state constitution?

Jun 29, 2023


Letter: August Issue 1: Taking power from citizens

Coming this August is an election of great importance. Historically, citizens tend to ignore August elections. For the sake of democracy, this an election people should not ignore.

Jun 29, 2023


Groups say ‘hell no’ to Issue 1

Groups backing the One Person, One Vote campaign encouraged area residents to say “hell no” to state Issue One in Ohio’s Aug. 8 special election during a Wednesday morning press conference.

Jun 26, 2023


Issue 1: Is 60% a fair standard?

State Issue 1 proposes raising the threshold to amend the Ohio Constitution from 50% plus 1 person to 60% of those voting in the last gubernatorial election and doubles a certain petition requirement. This issue will be decided by a 50% +1 margin at the Aug. 8 special election. Why was 60% chosen? Is 60% a fair standard? Why August? The answer to all these questions is found in the historical data of Ohio elections.

Jun 25, 2023


Moral bankruptcy afflicts all 3 branches of Ohio’s state goverment, and don’t expect that to change: Brent Larkin

There are worse state governments than Ohio’s. Cringeworthy places like Texas, Tennessee and Florida would easily qualify.

But the moral bankruptcy that has invaded all three branches of Ohio’s government has created a cesspool. Never in the lifetime of anyone reading this piece has what has happened in and around the Statehouse been held in such low regard. Voter participation, at-risk children, and single moms struggling to raise a family are all under direct assault by legislators obsessed with making life worse for Ohio’s needy.

Jun 23, 2023


Billionaire-funded group driving effort to erode democracy in key US states

A Florida group primarily funded by an Illinois billionaire is driving the recent attacks on direct democracy in states such as Ohio, Missouri, South Dakota and Arkansas.

The Foundation for Government Accountability, a Florida-based group affiliated with the alliance of conservative thinktanks called the State Policy Network, has played a key role in recent efforts to raise the threshold for passing citizen ballot initiatives from a simple majority to a supermajority, and to make it harder to place measures on the ballot in the first place.

Jun 13, 2023


Zanesville Local Coalition Urges to Vote No On Issue 1

The goal of the group is to protect majority rule of 50 percent plus one and the principle of one person one vote, what that means is if the proposed amendment is passed, it would require that any proposed amendment to Ohio’s constitution be a 60 percent voting approval rather than simple majority plus one.