It's Time to End Gerrymandering in Ohio

What's the Issue?

Right now, in Ohio, illegal gerrymandering is running rampant. Politicians and lobbyists manipulate voting districts to secure their interests and ensure their re-election, allowing them to ignore our voices. It's a rigged system that virtually guarantees career politicians stay in power. We say enough is enough. It's time to end gerrymandering and let we, the people, choose our politicians.

The Citizens Not Politicians Amendment:

Empowering Voters, Not Politicians

Our solution is simple yet powerful: establishment of the Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission—a 15-member independent body comprising five Republicans, five Democrats, and five Independents while not allowing politicians or lobbyists to sit on the Commission.

Why Support the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment?

Gerrymandering is when politicians manipulate the boundaries of districts to favor one party. Ohio is one of the top 10 most gerrymandered states, which is leading to the extremism across our great state. The Citizens Not Politicians Amendment puts an end to this manipulation by giving citizens the authority to draw fair districts.

Politicians and lobbyists should not be controlling the process. The amendment ensures that the Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission is free from current or former politicians, political party officials, and lobbyists.

Currently, Ohio’s unfair, gerrymandered legislative and Congressional districts mean politicians can continue to ignore the will of the people. It's time to level the playing field and ensure fair representation for all Ohioans.

The commission will operate under an open and independent process, keeping voters in the loop. No more backroom deals or hidden agendas—this is about transparency and fairness.

Join Us in the Fight

We need your support to restore power to where it belongs: with the voters. By supporting the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment, you are taking a stand against gerrymandering and ensuring a fair, democratic process for choosing our representatives.

Get the facts, spread the word, and join us in this crucial fight for a better Ohio. We can ensure that voters, not politicians, have the final say in our democracy.

Submit this form to volunteer to collect signatures in your neighborhood. A list of voters can be sent to the MiniVan app on your phone for easy collection.